Gilbert Melendez Makes His Case as World’s No. 1 Lightweight

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For years, No. 1 has been a guess, an argument, a debate, and nothing more. But in this brave, new world, we move closer than ever to getting our answer. It will never be final, of course. Even when you have a dominant champion, there is always someone else on the way up, someone who plants doubt in your mind. But we’re at least finally heading in the right direction. With the recent Zuffa-Strikeforce deal, we have 95 percent of the world’s best fighters under the same umbrella, and at some point in the near future, they’ll actually get in the cage together and fight.

Right now, it’s something like a civil war, two sides who need to be unified for the good of everyone involved, for both the people fighting and those waiting for resolution. Until then we’ll keep guessing as soldiers, err… fighters like Gilbert Melendez fire off their best ammunition, both physical and verbal.

The first man to defend a title in our new era, the Strikeforce lightweight champion wasted little time in voicing what was already on everyone’s minds.

“I’ll tell you what, I think it’s time we unify some titles,” Melendez said. “Who wants to see me fight for that UFC title? Let’s unify them in my hexagon. I’m the No. 1 lightweight in the world, baby. I’m coming for the spot.”


Kotetsu Boku  Tony Bonello Stephan Bonnar Lorenzo Borgomeo  Kyle Bradley 

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