Tough talking radio host Cowherd nearly soils himself when confronted by Lesnar

There’s tough guys everywhere. Internet Tough Guys otherwise known as Keyboard Warriors. Now there’s Twitter Tough Guys. In Las Vegas, my radio station ESPN1100 has Telephone Tough Guys on our text line.

Make no mistake about it, it’s the media that sets the example for readers, listeners and viewers. The San Diego Union-Tribune’s Don Norcoss put it nicely about many sports talk-radio ( and internet) hosts:

Talk-radio host. You’re paid to gab about football, baseball and basketball. You can spew vitriol toward any athlete or general manager but never show your face in a clubhouse.

Throw in mixed martial arts, that’s where ESPNRadio’s Colin Cowherd comes in. Cowherd does an excellent show and understands that the phony contrarian take works wonders with most listeners. Cowherd’s show is based in Bristol, Conn. and he rarely has to face the athletes he critiques. Aaron Rodgers, who was blasted all season long by Cowherd, took hold of the opportunity during a post-Super Bowl interview to bust Cowherd’s chops.

Brock Lesnar went one step further when he was paraded around the ESPN campus and appeared on Michelle Beadle’s SportsNation show. The 6-foot-4, 275 pound former UFC champ turned back the clock to his wrestling days and scared the daylights out of Cowherd.


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