Video analysis: How awful was the Mousasi-Jardine decision?

Gegard Mousasi is a damn good sport because many fighters may have flipped their lid when they only earned a draw after pummeling Keith Jardine for much of their 15-minute fight. Jardine was tough as nails, but appeared to be on the losing end of a nasty slugfest. Why was it a draw? Because of another judging snafu where one judge, and possibly a second, overvalued the takedown.

After giving the relatively even first round to Mousasi, judge Abe Belardo scored the second round 10-9 for Jardine. That was a stanza where Jardine scored two takedowns, but only kept Mousasi on his back for 41 seconds, and even the most kind scorer could give "The Dean of Mean" credit for landing five shots. Meanwhile, on the feet, Mousasi outlanded Jardine, 32-3.

Yahoo!’s lead MMA writer Kevin Iole joined us to give his take on what happened and if we should be excited for Mousasi-Jardine II somewhere down the road.

Belardo’s score of 28-28 matched Lester Griffin, who gave the first round to Jardine. The other judge had it 29-27 in favor of Mousasi.


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