White believes in Couture, thinks Machida’s style is hurting him

If you questioned why 47-year-old Randy Couture is getting a shot at Lyoto Machida, look no further than the head honcho at UFC. Dana White has long argued that Couture is still a top 10 fighter in the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

During this Yahoo! feature, Fight Day, White also says Machida’s counterstriking style may be turning into a negative (1:05 mark).

"The style that got him all those wins, all these years is kind of backfiring on him now. I don’t think people have figured it out, but he lays back a little too much," White said. "I think he needs to be more aggressive and come forward. And he’s definitely gonna have to be that way with Couture. Cause Couture’s gonna be right in his face the whole fight."

Couture’s recent wins came against boxer James Toney and 45-year-old Mark Coleman. Before that, he struggled to get by Brandon Vera, who was cut and then brought back by the UFC.

The USA Today/Bloody Elbow MMA poll has Couture at No. 16 in the world and No. 12 in the UFC. White says the rankings are [expletive]. Does he really stand a chance against a top five 205er in his prime? The oddsmakers say no. Machida is a massive minus-350 favorite.

Don’t forget, you can watch UFC 129 on PPV right here on Yahoo! Sports.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/White-believes-in-Couture-thinks-Machida-s-styl?urn=mma-wp1463

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