Georges St. Pierre Does It Again, Dominates Jake Shields at UFC 129

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GSP punches Jake Shields at UFC 129.The crowd in Toronto on Saturday night was unprecedented for the UFC, with 55,000 fans more than doubling the promotion’s attendance record. But while the fans themselves were something new, the man they came to see did the same old thing: UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre once again won a thoroughly dominant unanimous decision victory, defeating Jake Shields in the main event at UFC 129.

The judges scored it 50-45, 48-47 and 48-47 for St. Pierre, and although those score cards were closer than the usual for St. Pierre, they represented what has become commonplace for the UFC champ: He wins decisions easily, rather than putting opponents away spectacularly. St. Pierre said afterward that he wasn’t happy with his own performance.

“I couldn’t deliver much,” St. Pierre said. “I’m sorry for the fans. I wanted to make a knockout or a submission.”


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