Super 7 Q & A: Jones explains how he’s not a “swagger-jacker” and thinks Evans fight will change the sport

During a Q & A with Joe Rogan and six fellow UFC champions, Jon Jones met the with the fans before the UFC 129 weigh-in. He detailed injury that forced him out of his fight against teammate Rashad Evans. He still wants that fight.

"It’s definitely going to change the sport and you’re gonna have teammates fighting each other left and right now. It’s just business. Like if the Patriots had a teammate on the Jets. It’s not like they can’t play each other for the Super Bowl," Jones said. "You know you just have to get the job done."

Well, technically New England and New York can’t meet in the Super Bowl, but we get his point.

Jones is still confused as to why Evans has been upset with him for the last few months saying Rashad gave him his blessing to fight Mauricio Rua at dinner the night before his fight against Ryan Bader.

"I guess the biggest thing that made him upset is that I didn’t call him right away to let him know I had done the interview about fighting him," Jones said. "But what I said on the interview was something that I would’ve said to his face, but he didn’t take it very well."

Evans has been talking trash on Twitter and during several Internet interviews since. He even cracked on Jones for a being a swagger-jacker. He explained to the Canadian fans and Rogan what that meant.

"[Before The Tonight Show appearance] I was sent to the same exact stylist and I ended wearing the same shirt, the same suit and the same tie [that] Rashad wore like a year earlier. I show up on Jay Leno, he sees the suit and he’s like ‘oh you’re copying my style.’ I have my own swag," joked Jones.

Jones says he has small tears between his thumb and forefinger. It’s something that’s happened once a year since his days in college. His management decided it was time to get it surgically repaired.


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