Bisping doesn’t like Belcher or his tattoo artist

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to talk smack about Michael Bisping? Alan Belcher slammed Bisping the other day so the Brit responded in typical "Count" fashion by smashing his Johnny Cash tattoo.

"He’s got a lot of nerve calling me an [expletive] when he walks round with that on him [see picture above]," Bisping told Fighter’s Only. "Although lets be fair, the real [expletive] is the tattooist who drew that."

Got to hand it to Bisping. That’s a pretty funny comeback to being called an a-hole.

Belcher, returning from serious eye issues, said he could be back in the Octagon in September. During a conversation with Sherdog, he called out Bisping.

"Bisping is an [expletive] who disrespects the sport and his opponent. A fight between me and Michael Bisping is something everybody wants except for Michael Bisping. It would be amazing to sign that fight and have him come to my backyard," Belcher said. "He always gets to fight in Britain and other places, but it’d be good to see him come down to Louisiana. I’d love for that to be my comeback fight."

Belcher wants homecourt advantage versus Bisping when the UFC lands in New Orleans on Sept. 17.

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